3 Days Self-Discovery Course
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3 days Practical Personal-Development - Life Coaching Course

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The 3 days Practical Personal-Development  - Life Coaching course is a broad study in human behaviour modification and science. This course reflects wholeness and awakens an influential strong and healthy self-esteem! It unlocks a full measure of possibilities from within.

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The 3 days Practical Personal-Development – Life Coaching course is designed to create a zeal for life, it mirrors fullness and perfection.


Each session inspires growth and strengthens positive emotions. The lessons learned during this course, empowers individuals to prevail in a personal and professional level.


Every day sharpens the mind and accelerates learning capacity and understanding. Each exercise develops rich and powerful social and communication skills. 


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The 3 days Practical Personal-Development - Life Coaching course is designed to enhance and accelerate your personal and professional growth. The skills learned during this 3 days Life Coaching course will help and guide you to assist yourself and others in:

√  Becoming more clear about the goals that you want to achieve
√  Eliminate self-doubt and fear
√  Learn how to communicate powerfully and effectively
√  Overcome procrastination and a lack of motivation
√  Gain focus on what you think is really important to you in your life
√  Gain the tools that you need to turn challenges around
√  Become more certain about yourself and gain a sense of well-being 


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(NLP) Neuro–Linguistic Programming: foundation work in NLP including topics like, what is NLP, NLP Communication Model, NLP eye patterns and coding, How to elicit a strategy using NLP, NLP internal representations tests , NLP internal process and focus filters, NLP rapport - matching and mirroring, Introduction in NLP coaching methods

NLP Coaching Techniques and Principles: Your Conditioned Minded, Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind, Your Reticular Activation System, Your Psycho-Cybernetic System, Your Amygdala, Your Conscious Mind, The Four Stages of Learning, Emotions, Internal Representations, PERCEPTION is Projection

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  • What is Neuro-science, Foundation work in Neuro-science, Fundamental understandings in Neuro-science. 
  • How to create instant change on deep neurological level.
  • The effect of words (language) on our Neuro-net and health, Fundamental understandings in quantum physics and health.
  • How we learn and the power of beliefs on our Neuro-pathway.
  • The effect of movies and television on our Neuro-net and health,the magnificent influence of music on our health and Neuro-pathway.
  • The power and effect of colours and emotions on our Neuro-pathway

The 3 days Practical Personal-Development - Life Coaching Course includes many practical activities that support human development in a personal and professional environment. This course is not limited to self and personal growth but includes formal and informal activities for developing others into a role such as mentor, life coach, counsellor, teacher and manager - to name but a few.

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◊  Life-Coaching
◊  Self-Development
◊  Personal-Development
◊  Personality-Development
◊  Professional-Development


This ground-breaking Life Coaching course also includes an in depth study in positive thinking, power of the mind, positive words, positive affirmations, positive self-talk, psychology and life.


At the end of the last day: We will conclude this course with an existing "NLP modelling of Excellence" event.


This life changing event is a metaphor that illustrates the powerful concept of how a person can reach beyond the mere reflection and limitations of his own mind.

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