Why Professional Development in Relationships?
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Why Professional Development in Relationships?

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Professional Development is the acquisition of knowledge and skills, both for career advancement and Personal Development.

For long, Professional Development was considered synonymous with instructional programs.


You may be familiar with this kind of learning. It is the approach that most schools and colleges follow.


This type of informational learning helps to a great extent in developing cognitive intelligence.


Would it not have been simple if academic performance and cognitive intelligence could predict how successful or effective a worker could be? Sadly, it is not so.

Non-cognitive intelligence also plays a vital role in how effective a worker will be at his job.


Communication and interpersonal skills, personality traits, practical judgment, creativity and emotional intelligence are all valid predictors of how a person will perform in his career.

Non-cognitive factors are also the foundation behind skills such as leadership, management, client development, team work and so on.


Professional Development programs or Life Coaching can help you improve these non-cognitive skills.


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In this scenario, enrolling in a Professional Development program is one of the best investments that you will make.

It will help you improve your finances, relationships, working conditions and job satisfaction.

Professional Development Coaching is well suited to learn nuanced and complex interpersonal skills.

The good news is, it can either be combined with training and instructional activities or provided as a standalone path.

It is nearly impossible to learn Professional Development on your own. It is like trying to learn salsa, you will need a partner.


Usually your Professional Development Coach will double up as your partner, sounding board or guide.

However, it is best if you include your co-workers or business partners in the process. It will make your Professional Coaching dynamic.

Professional Coaching promotes trust, progress and honesty- qualities that can help you become a better professional.

As participants become more active in the Professional Coaching plan, they can direct their learning to specific areas where they need more help.


We at Let's-Live Coaching believe in helping you identify your professional goals and excel at them.

Professional Coaching is also result oriented and goal oriented.


Learning a new skill and setting a specific goal to apply it are two different things.


Without follow-up training and monitoring, it can be very difficult to chart a Professional Development course.


Your Life Coach at Let's-Live Coaching can also help you set goals, focusing on tangible results.



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Instructional programs can be compared to learning to swim after reading a book.


You might know the names of all the moves; you may be aware that you have to move your feet, arms and practice breathing techniques, but if someone pushes you into the water, you might not be able to use that knowledge.


For example, all the books in the world on leadership will not make you a good leader, unless you translate the knowledge into action.

Professional Development programs at Let's-Live Coaching can address the shortcomings of the instructional approach.


In Professional Development Coaching, once the information is provided, you will be given an opportunity to introduce and practice the skills in a controlled setting.


In some programs, the Professional Development Coach will also give you feedback for how well you have used the new skill.

Note that Professional Development is not an alternative to training based or instructional activities, but it can help you learn the skills not covered under your formal training.


To learn more about what is Professional Development or to engage the services of a Professional Development Coach at Let's-Live Coaching, contact us today!





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