Over the past few decades, there has been a remarkable change in the organisational cultures, along with a significant increase in competition among companies. C.E.Os, C.O.Os, C.F.Os, Directors.

Presidents and other Senior Executives nowadays are under immense pressure to overcome the challenges and keep the company ahead of the competition. Let's-Live Coaching OFFERS one to one Coaching and also Group Coaching for Senior Professionals and Leaders in your company.


We OFFER guidance and assistance for stress management and dealing with professional and personal challenges while helping you develop leadership abilities, strategic thinking and positive attitude for delivering consistently better performance that moves the organisation forward.


One-to-One Executive Coaching

Let's-Live Personal one to one Executive Coaching programs are designed especially to assist the MODERN world EXECUTIVES, who need to master the art of Work-Life Balance. Senior Leaders and Executives have a greater responsibility for the progress of their company. At the same time, they also have a personal responsibility for development and for improvement in their performance. We respect and appreciate the individuality of each client that we cater to.

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This, in turn, enables the Executives to face and overcome the many challenges of leadership and to develop resilience and agility to deal with the changes within and around them in a positive manner.


Group Executive Coaching

Our Group Coaching for Executives enables professionals from diverse fields to MEET, inspire and encourage each other for personal and professional development.

The participants learn to WORK on their own and in teams to build their strengths and overcome their emotional challenges, personality conflicts and other personal issues like divorce, loss of a loved one, physical ailments etc.

Let's-Live Group Executive Coaching Programs have been successful in assisting several CEOs, Directors and other Senior Executives from some of the reputed companies across South Africa.

Our aim is to help you understand your challenges better so that you can find a solution without getting anxious or frustrated.

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Contact Let's-Live Coaching and REGISTER for our Personal One-to-One Coaching or Group Coaching for Executives today, whether it is to sharpen your focus, to WORK on your leadership and personal branding skills or to get a sense of direction and purpose in your professional life.