An intimate sustainable and fulfilled life is not a luxury option; it's the conclusion of our faith in our maker and in mankind.

Our greatest passion at Let's-Live Coaching is to assist and guide people to escape a type of living where the centre theme of life is that of hurt, pain, fear, guilt, self- doubt and un-forgiveness.

We firmly hold on to the belief that, not knowing who you are or even the slightest disbelief in your original authentic blue print and design kept you captive and trapped you in an inferior mind-set and or unworthy opinion of yourself.

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Personal one to One Coaching Sessions

Francois therefore design his personal one to one coaching sessions on the following principles and beliefs:

Distinct Value

We still choose to believe that, the fact that we differ give each one of us a distinct value.

Compete or Compare

We still choose to believe that, each one of us can make an original authentic contribution to this life that no one can compete or compare with.

Unique Expression

We still choose to believe that, life finds a unique expression in each individual that goes beyond measure or compare.

Value Never Changes

We still choose to believe that, your value never changes and it is consistent with your original authentic blueprint and design.

Our faith, love, compassion and sense of appreciation for the uniqueness in each individual compels us to design and tailor each personal one to one coaching session, to promote our client's unique blueprint and assist him/her to overcome his/her unique obstacles and challenges.


Something to ponder on for a while.

The mystery of the invisible seed! The artist's expression of his inner self is hidden in the art and the beauty of his painting. Look deep enough into any type of art and you will find the mystery of an invisible dream that started off in a single seed in the heart and the very essence of the architect.

If we gaze upon various arts, we might not understand the zeal and the power of the hidden seed, which responded to the prophetic voice of his creator. A single seed or idea, that finds his expression, in the unveiling of his artwork.


You are the expression of the greatest idea that ever was.

If you allow yourself to fully grasp the implication of this, you will never again look at yourself in an ordinary way.

  • Zeal for life: You are entrusted with greatness and zeal for life.
  • Designer excellence: You are the highest expression of integrity and designer excellence.
  • Edge over Life: Your uniqueness gives you an undeniable edge over


We believe in your dreams, the ones that keep rising from within yourself and appeals to your conscious to break over and above the horizon. The awareness of who you are and the greatness that dwells inside of you supersedes the self-created reality of lack and need.

Acquaint yourself with your childhood dreams and awaken to the truth of your life. Continue to harbour these thoughts within you and allow your dreams to release the infinite sea of possibilities, whilst you ponder on the idea of booking your personal one to one coaching session.

P.S Have you "notice" the change already!