As a student, choosing a CAREER PATH is one of the most important decisions you would be making. You may spend all your student life trying to ace the tests, top the class and score enough to get through the best colleges out there. In this competition to stay ahead, get the best EDUCATION and be in the most lucrative and rewarding professions, you may lose touch with who you are and what you really like - your passion.

Let's-Live Career Coaching for teens and young adults focuses on what you really like to do in life. Our Career Coaching programs will assist teenagers and young adults in -

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You Need More Than a Degree

The competition in the market and the limited number of jobs available has many people opting for higher degrees from the best institutions out there. What they do not realize is that a successful career is not created by degrees alone. A successful professional is one who combines the education he or she receives with leadership skills, passion and the right attitude, for organisational development and personal development.

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We BELIEVE that a happy and successful career can be created not just by obtaining degrees, but by making conscious decisions and continuous self-development.


Get Started Today

Once you identify your ideal CAREER, the next step is to GET STARTED. At Let's-Live Coaching, we don't leave anything unfinished. Not only do we assist you in making the right career choice, but also help you find a way to achieve success in it. Let's-Live Career Coaches are experienced in guiding you to choose the right graduate and undergraduate programs for CAREER ADVANCEMENT.

We can also help you choose the right schools in South Africa, which offer the education you need to become successful. Through our Career Coaching for teens and young adults, our coaches will also help you develop your strengths, leadership skills and increase your potential for getting a job that serves your purpose, is satisfying and financially rewarding too.

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