A mentor is more than just a guide.

A mentor is a compassionate friend, a trusted confidant and a concerned individual who wants his/her mentee to discover strengths and function at full potential. While there is no right age or time to seek a mentor, mentorship in the early years sets the stage for individuals to accomplish great things. Teenagers and young adults who are just stepping into the competitive real-world continue to be a vulnerable bunch that could benefit the most from mentoring. The Mentors at Let's-Live Coaching are among the most sought after in SA and will give you a head-start for being successful in all your endeavours.

Benefits of mentoring for the young

Mentors at Let's-Live Coaching target the behaviour and attitude of teens and young adults so that pragmatic changes can be made at an elementary level. We strongly believe that the right investment of time, efforts and emotions can transform lives for the better. We have seen confused, unhappy teens change into confident individuals with a clear sense of direction and take great pride in being their enablers.
Our mentoring programs will help you in the following ways:
  • Emotional Issues – Often times, the pressure to do well at school or work is so high that the youth begin to ignore their emotional well-being. Suppressing negative emotions and not opening up about them, for the fear of being ridiculed not only jeopardizes your mental peace, it also harms your physical health. Your Mentor will help you deal with emotional trauma, depression, fear, anxiety, stress and other emotional issues that hold you back.
  • Your Mentor will empower you – fill you with emotional wholeness, re-discover your positive spirit and replace anxiety with confidence and certainty.
  • Learning Difficulties – Your Mentor will improve your learning capacity, understanding, focus and concentration. He/she will guide you in the ways of taking better notes, improving memory, finishing school and home work, preparing for tests and exams, managing stress and time during crucial periods and every other aspect of learning you may be struggling with. This will help you accelerate your learning and improve grades at school/college.
  • Improve Perception – maintaining a healthy level of self-worth often becomes a challenge for teenagers and young adults, due to several reasons. The desire to excel in all phases of life, impress parents, teachers, peers, friends and relatives as well as the pressure of big life-decisions overwhelms them and many end up questioning their competence. Your Mentor will teach you how to prepare, prioritize and manage yourself for success. He/she will help you deal with the issues of low self-confidence, poor self-worth, lack/loss of self-identity so that you evolve into a strong, independent and confident youth, ready to face the challenges of life head-on.

Let’s-Live Coaching’s Mentoring Program for teens

At Let's-Live Coaching, you can choose from any of our three Mentoring Programs for young adults and teens, based upon your needs.
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The Mentorship Programs vary in course-period, spanning from 3, 6 and 12 months each. Our professionally trained and certified mentors use a constructive mix of the latest in behavioural-psychology, applied sciences and their own personal experiences to help you understand yourself, identify your aspirations and assist you thoroughly in fulfilling them.

Choose any of our Mentoring Programs for teens and the youth and we will help you:

Identify who you really are and who you really want to be, using our advanced personality tests Make suitable higher-education and career choices. Choose the right educational institution and disciplines – based on your strengths, weaknesses, skill-sets, interests and aptitude. Increase productivity in curricular and co-curricular activities. Increase your knowledge base, develop/polish talents, build new skills and work on freelance projects that will help you grow in your career.