Teens Coaching (12-18 Years)

Adolescence is one of the most difficult phases in a person's life.
The pressure of being popular, of achieving academic success and of making the right career and personal choices are among the many things that adolescents have to deal with. At Let's-Live Coaching, we care for the teenagers and the young adults. We believe that every youngster has the potential to make his or her dreams come true. Let's-Live Coaching personal one to one teen coaching and group coaching programs are designed to inspire teenagers to discover more about themselves, the world around them and life in general.



Why Life Coaching for Teens?

Children face a tremendous amount of stress from school, friends, family and other significant people in their lives. When the pressure becomes too much to handle, they tend to become dissatisfied with life and everybody else around them. They feel pressured to take risks to fit into the society and in this process, may lose track of their dreams. They lose confidence when the commitments overwhelm them and develop a rebellious nature. To further this, parents often have a tough time understanding their teenage children and their mood swings.
Let's-Live Coaching personal one to one teen coaching programs are just what rebellious teens, aged between 12 and 18 years, need to live a stress-free life.
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At the end of the program, they will learn to be more organised, less irritable and less stressed.

Let’s-Live Coaching offers personal one to one teen coaching and group life coaching to challenging teens.

Our programs are aimed to assist difficult, rebellious teens with emotional challenges, lack of motivation and self-confidence, learning challenges, substance abuse, addictions and even depression.

The goal of Let's-Live Coaching programs for teenagers is to help them discover their true selves and learn to live a life in alignment to their values and beliefs. Our coaches have years of experience in dealing with adolescents across the country.

We can assist them by teaching them to focus on the set goals, make a definitive plan and implement it, identify barriers to success and eliminate them. We also train the youngsters to maintain the newly acquired skills and make informed decisions with regards to career.

With this course, teenagers will also learn to modify their goals as they continue the self-development process.